Soup Menu

01Carrot and Ginger$3.50
02Leek and Potato$3.50
04Seafood Chowder$5.50
05Yellow Noodle Soup with Vegetables & Chicken, Pork or Beef$6.00
06Yellow Noodle Soup with Vegetables & Seafood$7.00
07Sour Soup with Chicken Fish, Chicken or Beef$6.00
08Sour Soup with Seafood$7.00
09Tom Yum Soup with Chicken, Beef or Fish$6.00
10Tom Yum Soup with Seafood$7.00
11Vietnam Sour Soup with Fish or Chicken$6.00
12Vietnam Sour Soup with Seafood$7.00
13Tofu and Vegetable$5.50

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